A2Share is a grassroots community organization that helps connect people with opportunities to share resources, time, skills, and services in Ann Arbor. We’re a collective of students, community members, and dedicated individuals who want to help improve the Ann Arbor community for all residents.

Why Share?

Sharing existing resources has the potential to help make Ann Arbor more socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable. Many shareable resources exist in this area, but they are currently under-utilized. A2Share helps Ann Arbor community members connect to each other to reduce our collective environmental footprint, keep money in the local economy, and build stronger connections between neighbors. Participation in the local sharing can help shift the demand from non-local, non-renewable resources – and at the same time allow us to enjoy what we have at a lower financial, social, and environmental cost.

Why Here?

Ann Arbor boasts many thrift stores, community centers, maker spaces, rideshare and bikeshare programs, and a TimeBank – just to name a few. While we have an abundance of shareable resources, many Ann Arbor residents are unaware of these opportunities. A2Share aims to unlock the potential of these available resources by connecting people with opportunities to share anything – from physical resources to time, services, or skills.

Why Now?

While sharing has been a fundamental part of communities for thousands of years, modern society has moved away from sharing toward a more individual way of consuming. However, community sharing is rapidly gaining traction as an age-old solution to 21st Century problems, like climate change and social inequality. With the help of technological resources, we can all do our part to once again make community sharing a part of our everyday lives.